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Nevill Course Policy Document

May 2018


The purpose of this policy document is to set out details of the Management of the Golf Course and Nevill Golf Club (NGC) during the winter months which have been approved by the Board and should be read in conjunction with the overall Course Policy Document. The policy will be strictly pursued, and any future changes will not be introduced without full consultation with the Board members.


Resources - Staff

The agreed staffing level includes the following:

• Course Manager
• Assistant Course Manager
• First Assistant
• Greenkeepers (x2)
• Trainee/Assistant - Apprentice Greenkeeper
• Casual Labour (x2) depending upon winter work required


The Board of Management is committed to the allocation of sufficient NGC funds to achieve the policies set out in this document.

Timing of Work on the Course

Much essential work has to be completed before a certain time in each year, a key component being what has previously been referred to as the 'Winter Programme'. However, recent spikes in the weather and the need to continue cutting until late into the winter period means that this is no longer a viable working practice and now all major works, previously featuring in the Winter Programme are now seen as projects, the aim being to complete within a 12-month cycle.

Cutting Regime

Subject to weather conditions, the following cutting frequency is in use during the winter months:

• Greens - Daily where possible. Hand mowers to be used once weight of ride-on vehicles no longer practical

• Tees, Fairways, Collars and Approaches - as required and weather permits. Fairways should be blown after cutting to remove residue.

• Semi-rough - as required

• Rough and tee banks - as required

Temporary/Frost Greens

It is the firm intention to make the use of temporary greens the last resort. It is the responsibility of the Course Manager or, in his absence, the Senior Greenkeeper in attendance (in consultation with the General Manager), to decide on a day-to-day basis the need for temporary/frost greens to be brought into use. Considerations are:

• Is the normal green too soft to take foot traffic
• In frosty weather would footmarks damage the top surface
• If the normal green is being worked on intensively, a temporary green may be brought into use in order that work may proceed more quickly with greater productivity


Bunkers will be raked on a daily basis, as far as is possible, by the Greens staff. They will be examined on a regular basis for water retention. Special care will be taken, when circumstances permit (in particular weather) to ensure uniform depth of sand is achieved in all bunkers.

Directing of players

In order to allow known areas of wear to be avoided during the winter months, there will be a mandatory introduction of people traffic directing on some holes. These areas will be roped off and the path to be taken clearly indicated (diverting footfall to the right-hand side of the green on the 12th is a casing example).

Should a ball come to rest within the roped-off area then it must be lifted and dropped outside of the roped-off and dropped, without penalty, at the nearest point of relief and no nearer the hole.

Under no circumstances should a ball be played from this exclusion zone and under no circumstances should trolleys be taken under/through the roped-off area.

Course Closure

The Course may be closed on the authority of the Course Manager after consultation with the General Manager whenever possible, when unusual weather conditions have occurred and lasting damage to the Course would result if play were permitted. Such conditions would exist if the greens were waterlogged, the course was flooded and during periods of severe frost and snow.

During a competition the Course may be closed by the General Manager, or an authorised member of the Committee supervising the competition, or the Head Professional in the absence of both, if he/they consider that the greens have become unplayable.

A decision to close the course, or the use of temporary/frost greens, may be made before midday and in the normal course of events is unlikely to be rescinded.

Lightning Policy

The Board of Management consider the safety of its Members and Guests to top priority during inclement weather. If it is considered that it is unsafe to continue to play golf as a storm approaches, the Professional Shop will sound a klaxon to call all golfers off the course and into the clubhouse.

If there is a risk of lightning play MUST be discontinued. Nevill Golf Club is not responsible for the safety of any golfer on the course and it is therefore the player’s responsibility to remove his/her self from any situation deemed to be serious. If you see lightning or hear the klaxon proceed immediately to the clubhouse or the Half Way House – these are the safest places on the course, and the following will apply:

• Do not continue to play golf and do not seek shelter under trees. Trees do not protect you from lightning.
• During competitions, if there is a lightning risk, play will be suspended and players must leave the course.
• Where play is automatically suspended on the sound of the klaxon, a player may not override the Policy decision to evacuate the course.
• Players should stop play and seek shelter at any time they believe lightning threatens the, even if the klaxon has not been sounded.

Although the Club will take every precaution to ensure the safety of players during a thunder storm, it is a players’ own responsibility to discontinue play when in his/her opinion lightning is a threat. It is not always possible to monitor conditions on the entire course and players have a duty of care to themselves. They should therefore familiarise themselves with this policy and the Rules of Golf (Rule 6.8 and App 1 article 4).

Nevill Golf Club insist that all players adhere to lightning policy. Failure to do so is at their own risk and Nevill Golf Club accepts no liability for any Member or Guest who fails to co-operate with any decision to suspend play and close the course.

It is not the responsibility of staff to retrieve clubs and equipment, equipment and trollies during a lightning storm where play has been suspended, as their safety may be jeopardised. Please note that golf buggies DO NOT give protection from lightning.


Greens Staff and Members

The Greens Staff will be vigilant so that their work programme is not allowed to unduly delay play on the Course. However, work has always to be productive and is especially important at the beginning of the day. To this end, all players are requested to consider Greens Staff by not delaying their work unreasonably and to understand that it is in their own interests not to do so.


Winter provides an ideal opportunity to carry out required maintenance on the majority of vehicles and machines. Ride-on mowers in particular benefit from an overhaul whilst hand mowers are in use.

Irrigation System

The irrigation system will be drained down, de-commissioned and taken out of use by the supporting contractors, Lakes & Greens, in mid to late October under the supervision of the Course Manager. It will be re-commissioned in late March.

Frank Prescott Stephanie McMahon
General Manager Greens Director

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